Weather conditions and outdoor play
The Provincial Day Nurseries Act (DNA) stipulates that children over thirty months of age, in attendance for six hours or more in a day, play outdoors for at least two hours daily, weather permitting, unless a child’s physician/parent advises otherwise in writing. The DNA also stipulates that each child under thirty months of age, in attendance for six hours or more in a day, is outdoors for sleep or play or both for a period of up to two hours each day, weather permitting, unless a physician/parent of the child advises otherwise in writing;

Children will have two hour outdoor programming daily except during inclement weather which is defined as temperatures below -12 degrees Celsius (actual temperature or due to wind chill), temperatures higher than 30 degrees Celsius, heavy rain/blizzard, sleet/hail, heavy winds or as indicated by posted humidex warnings, wind chill or other severe weather warnings (such as smog alert or heat alert).

If outdoor play is not possible due to inclement weather conditions as described above, an inside alternate gross motor play activity will take place.

All centres will utilize the same website (which uses our individual postal code) and announce to their centres’ rooms the result which takes into consideration City of Toronto Alerts for air quality and the UV index.

Sun safety
Childspace Day Care Corporation will adhere to Toronto Public Health guidelines which
stipulate precautions that caregivers can take to protect children from overexposure to
sun. The following precautions are in place at Childspace:

  1. Time outdoors will be limited between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.
  2. Sun block will be applied to children prior to their time outdoors.
  3. Children will be provided with water to drink during their time outdoors.
  4. While outdoors, shaded areas of play will be provided for the children.

This policy will be reviewed with all staff annually and the staff will sign to demonstrate they have read and understood the policy.