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Entering the Infant Room
For the health of our infants, it is our policy that all outdoor shoes are removed before each person enters the infant room.

Arrival/Departure Time
The estimated arrival and departure time on you child’s application allows us to place our infant staff where they are needed to meet the 1-3 ratios. If you change the usual arrival/departure time, please advise us.

Emergency Contact
Please ask the emergency contacts on your application form to bring in I.D. each time they pick up your child. We would also advise parents to carry I.D. as we have staff on duty (supply/from a different room) who may not recognize you right away and will ask you for it.

Items to Bring

  • Extra labeled clothes
  • A blanket (if your child has a favourite one)
  • Medicated Creams
  • Diapers/Wipes
  • Sunscreen 
  • Sun hat ( warm weather/summer)
  • Baby Photos (emergency book, over crib, birthday board, cubby)
  • Family photo (for Display Board)
  • Formula, Soya milk, or special milk.
  • Baby food jars or in plastic containers
  • Diaper bag (labeled)