1. The first priority is given to the progression of children in their centre from room to room based on their age/starting date.
  2. The second priority is given to the progression of children at other centres to transfer to a vacant spot based on age/starting date.
  3. The third priority will be based on the situation where Childspace offered a space at another site because no spot was available at their child’s original centre and a spot opens up at the original site. The parent will be given the choice to return to the original site.
  4. The fourth priority is given to children who have siblings enrolled in the centre ahead of our children on our waiting list. In the case where there are two children with siblings in the centre and only one spot is available, the family with the earliest starting date has the seniority to enroll.
    i) A child with a sibling within a centre gets priority over a child with a sibling at another site.
    ii) A child with a sibling at another centre would get priority ahead of our waiting list.
  5. Parents of children who leave Childspace on their own accord and wish their child to return to Childspace will be placed on the waiting list on the date they made their request to return.
  6. Our waiting list is based on the date of registration. Families are considered for openings in the day care based on the start month(s) parents have indicated to us. If a family has not been enrolled by the month requested they will remain on the waiting list. Each spot that becomes available will be offered to families based on the seniority on the waiting list if it is the month they have requested.
  7. Centre 1 Before and After School kindergarten children will have priority to go to School Age Rooms at Centre 1. The spots left in the BASC room will be filled using the starting date of kindergarten children from all centres.
    If more families apply than spaces allow, they will not be enrolled.
  8. Centre 2 Senior Kindergarten children will have priority to go to the School Age Room at Centre 2. Based on availability kindergarten children will be enrolled at preschool room rates. If sufficient number of parents of kindergarten children request a BASC program at TCDSB registration in January/February, we will begin the process, hopefully, to start in the Fall of that year.
  9. Centre 3 Kindergarten children will have priority to go to Centre 2 School Age Room. Kindergarten will not be accepted for enrollment after September 2014 unless they are enrolled full time in the preschool room at preschool rates