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Our Board of Directors consists of up to 10 dedicated professionals, community members and parents who volunteer their time and expertise to support the good governance of Childspace. Each member can serve a two-year term, they can also be re-elected by the members in attendance at the AGM.

The mandate of the Board is to make sound business decisions for the whole organization while governing the corporation. The role of the Board is to manage the financial and business affairs of the organization. The Board consists of the following positions; Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and six General Members.

Volunteering for a Board position provides you with the opportunity to gain and enhance valuable work skills for yourself. Some of those include interpersonal skills, communication and negotiating skills, or trying new skills such as marketing or fundraising.

Our Board meets 12 times per year on the third Wednesday of the month. The time commitment is approximately three hours per meeting. Committees usually require two hours per month. There is ongoing support and resources available to both our new and seasoned Board members.

We would like to thank everyone for their interest and support. If you need any further information on becoming a Board member or other volunteering opportunities, please feel free to contact the Director, Supervisor or one of our present Board members.

New members will be elected to the Board of Directors at the Childspace Day Care AGM. Please note that elected members are subject to a criminal record check.

2024-2025 Board Members

  • Mark Hannay – Chair of the Board of Directors
  • Erin Callery – Vice-Chair
  • Jessica Sutherland – Secretary
  • Jia Shin – Treasurer
  • Philip Alves – General Member
  • Henri Biber – General Member
  • Julia MacLeod – General Member
  • Calum Pinder – General Member
  • Dylan Powers – General Member
  • Joanna Yeung – General Member