Thank you for your interest in adding your name to our waiting list.

Provide the following information for you file on the waiting list:

  • Parents first and last names
  • Best contact telephone number(s) and or email addresses
  • Your expected start month
  • Your child’s name
  • Date of Birth (unborn children may be added to the list with expected month and year of birth)

Here is how the waiting list works:

  1. Call or e-mail each centre (click to view the each centre’s contact information) to add your name to the waiting list.
  2. Each age group at each centre has it’s own individual waiting list.
  3. The day that you call, leave a message or send your email will be your seniority date on the waiting list.
  4. Provide the required information for you file on the waiting list: Be mindful and strategic of Your expected start month, you may also put the earliest start month you will consider for e. g You are willing to start in March but you really need a space for May.
  5. If there are any changes to your contact information please contact the centre to update your file.
  6. There is no specified length of time that you need to be on the list to be offered a space.
  7. Spaces are created when a family or child leaves the centre. There is no specific time however the months of July, August and September have the most movement, Spaces can be available at any time of the year and at point in the month.
  8. We are usually able to contact families 4-6 weeks before any given space, as parents are only required to give us 1 months notice of their withdrawal.
  9. Only once the withdrawal is confirmed in writing can we begin to find a family for the space.
  10. With all spaces available the centre, Supervisor will call all families that are eligible to start in the age group. All parents who are waiting for a particular month are contacted when spaces are available. Even if the month you specified has already passed if your child is still within the age group of the room they will be offered a space.
  11. Once a family is called from the waiting list they are given a specified time frame to return the call and express continued interest in the space available.
  12. From the families that return our call with in the specified time, the family with the highest seniority date will have first official refusal of the available space.
  13. If a child is offered a space for an age group we will let you know the likely hood of them moving over to the next age grouping, for e.g if your child enters the infant room at 17 months there may or may not be a space for them in the toddler room right at 18 months however we will be able to give you a sense of when they will be able to move and the possibility.
  14. Once your child is officially offered a space, if you would like to accept it, you will be required to provide a 1-week deposit of your child’s fee for the age group. This deposit will be applied to your child’s last month of care provided that the appropriate notice is given.
  15. For all Children that are accepted into Childspace are required to pay a $15 registration fee.
  16. For all families that express continued interest in a space and are not successful will be contacted to let them know that another family has filled the space.
  17. If you are called for a space and do not wish to take it at the time, your place/seniority on the waiting list remains the same.
  18. You may call at any time to change the information for you file with no consequence for eg. Moving from the infant list to the Toddler list.
  19. You will remain on the centers list until you have asked us to take you off.