Childspace Day Care Staff - Joan Sinclair

Joan Sinclair-Thomas

Interim Director

Ms. Joan started with Childspace in April 2009 at Centre 3.  Joan worked in the infant room then moved to the preschool room. Ms. Joan became Assistant Supervisor of Centre 3 in January 2012. She then move to Centre 2 and became the Supervisor in October 2013. Ms. Joan is currently the Interim Director for Childspace Day Care Corporation.


Childspace Day Care Staff - Charlotte Risk

Charlotte Risk

Supervisor Centre 1

Ms. Charlotte started with Childspace in February 1990 at Centre 1. Charlotte worked with the preschool group for several years. In 2006 Ms. Charlotte became site Supervisor of Centre 1 when Centre 3 opened. Ms Charlotte became Supervisor of Centre 1 in June 2011

The Assistant Supervisor at Centre 1 is Ms. Janna Ferdous

Sarah Lacanales

Interim Supervisor Centre 2

Sarah joined the Childspace family in August 2013 in the Preschool room at Centre 3. Sarah got promoted to Assistant Supervisor at Centre 2 in August 2015. She became interim Supervisor at Centre 2 in April 2017.

The Interim Assistant Supervisor at Centre 2 is Jaya Verma

Childspace Day Care Staff - Suzette Charles

Suzette Charles

Supervisor Centre 3

Ms. Suzette started with Childspace in Jan 2011. Suzette then became the program support staff in June 2011. In August 2012 Ms Suzette became the toddler 1 room staff. Ms. Suzette became Assistant Supervisor of centre 3 in December 2013. Ms. Suzette became Acting Supervisor of centre 3 in January 2015

The Assistant Supervisor at Centre 3 is Ms. Veronica Bravo-Soto